Aligning the button logo with text

Hi guys

Wondering if someone can help me with the problem im currently having. I have a tab section with different ingredients on each tab. Under each picture i have some text with a little W logo as a bullet.

Im trying to align it so that the W logo picture is on the left of the text, but in the centre horizontally. Ive tried using containers, columns, flexboxes and even just padding to try to align it, but if i switch to tablet view or mobile view everything is out of wack.

Is there an easy way to make sure the W logo picture is always aligned in the centre horizontally? If you switch between the different tabs, you ll see all the methods ive tried and and how it throws everything out.

Im pretty new at webflow, learning as I go along, so please treat me as a complete beginner when giving me any advice

Thank you in advance for the help
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Great question @Janniesmuts!

It looks like you just need to make two changes to resolve this:

  1. Set your ingredients container to an auto height instead of 90px:

  2. Set your row-2 class to flex style and that should resolve the issue:

Aaaah can’t believe it was that easy, I’ve been trying different methods for days !

Thank you so much!