Aligning something relative to centered elements


I have a question about aligning content relative to a element that is centered itself.

I have the problem with my navbar.

For example. I have 5 link blocks in it, the middle one being the logo of the company.
If I center everything it works fine. Logo is centered and I have 2 links blocks on each side.

That works fine. BUT, if one of the link blocks has a longer heading or if I wan’t to have 2 link blocks left from the Logo and 3 link blocks to the right of the logo, centering the nav menu will won’t work because the logo will move more towards the left so that the whole navbar is centered.

What I want to achieve is to have the logo centered in the middle of the navbar and to have the rest of the links blocks to the left and right be aligned relative to the centered logo.
Is there a solution to this?