Align Rich text center while Max with is less then 100%

Hi there,

I’m trying to set Richtext alignment in the center position but Text should be justified left side. Simply put, I want to keep the text width less than the images and align it in the center but only with an image.

Please help me to make it happen.

Link to the page: Webflow - Henil Kajavadra

Hi @HenilKajavadra,
Do you have a design or example of this?

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Hi @Elena_Laenko Yes, something like this as you can see in image. Image width is more than the text width and both are aligned in center.

@HenilKajavadra Thanks. I’ve had the same task.
I see you have already made all text elements inside the rich text 80%. So you need only to add them left and right margins = auto to center them.

Thank you so much @Elena_Laenko It works!