Align grid cell to top

New to this forum so I hope someone can help. I have a very simple 2 column two row grid.

First row of column 1 contains a small amount of text.
First row of column 2 contains an image with the grid-row to span 2 rows.

Second row of column 1 contains a dataTable which displays various number of records.

If the table displays more rows than the height of the picture then the table displays at the top of the grid and everything looks fine. But, if the table is shorter than the picture the table aligns to the middle of the grid and it looks weird.

I’ve tried various align - top parameters but nothing works.

I’ve included a couple of ‘screenshots’ to indicate the problem. First shows table at top because table height is more than the image height. Second shows table in the middle because the table height is shorter than the image height.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Include your read-only link for better assistance!

Kyle, as mentioned in my post, I am new to the forum. My site is not on Webflow so the read-only link is not possible.

If you want I can send you a link to my site. I know many are reluctant to click on a link so I understand.

Kyle, I think I figured out how to fix the issue. I added a min-height: 500px to the table. Works great.

Thanks for your interest.