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Align Collection Items after Resizing?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been watching how to create the a design portfolio 101, but I can’t for the life of me seem to figure out how to resize the collection item (I have the max width set to 420), but also have it be aligned? It seems like it can only be perfectly centered if I have it at the huge size. I tried adding padding, but it only lets me push it so far before it’s forced down to the next row. Help!

Hi, Danielle. Can you please post your read-only link so I can record a quick demo video for you. I’d be happy to help. Do you want to have the items fill two columns evenly? Not sure how you want to resize them… I was a bit confused there.

Hi Noah,

Here’s a read only link: Webflow - Danielle's Portfolio

I’m basically trying to be able to decrease the size of the CMS Items and make sure it’s still evenly space on the gutters, but I can’t seem to make the gutters even.