Aligining my Nav bar correctly

Hi there.

I am creating a nav bar and despite messing around with the alignment settings and flex box settings, I cannot get it in the correct order. I simply wanted to add a small image with a link before the socials, on the right hand side. I added it OK, but needed a link box. After adding the link box, the pic remains aligned to the right of the box but that means the link stretches across the whole link box, not just on the picture.

Can somebody please help?

Secondly, it seems a bit glitchy too - and elements dissapear now and then until I refresh it by clicking preview and then back off preview. And now it seems the little ‘Spotlight’ logo image I’ve put in and the link box doesn’t appear at all once published. Any advice?

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Read only link:

Hi @HarryH, thanks for the good post and question.

I made a quick video to help show how you might style/structure the navbar if you do not want the link block to be so wide: Screen Recording 2021-08-25...

I hope this helps !

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cyberdave, you are brilliant!

Thank you very much, that is exactly what I needed and the screencast has really helped me understand the different settings that got you there.

Webflow community support: 100/10 :grinning:


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