Ajax load redirects to Memberstack Website

I need to load content of 2 subpages within webflow to show content.
I also have Memberstack integrated (currently on Test mode).
I created a basic read-only-version for you guys in hope that you can help me solve the issue.
Here is my site Read-Only:
(I’ve excluded the pages to sign in, sign up and component side menu for sign in to memberstack - as the error is still replicable without) - could this be an issue of test membership? On every other page this doesn’t happen.

Now having both implemented, after loading the AJAX content on Home the page redirects to the Memberstack homepage - I found some error on Dev Tools debugging but no idea how to fix them.
Strangely same errors appear when only loading 1 Ajax content but I won’t be redirected to memberstack.
Please help.

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Hey @verena :wave:

I found the issue! There are 3 Memberstack headerscripts installed on your site. Once you reduce it down to just one, the issue will go away - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

FYI - this issue also occurs if you attempt to delete or modify the test mode label. But I assume it’s just an issue with your header scripts at this point.