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Airtable + Integromat + Webflow file attachment deletion

Has anyone successfully integrated these (Airtable + Integromat + Webflow) where file attachment deletion is working?

i.e. If I remove/delete an attached file in Airtable it gets removed in Webflow as well.

Thanks in advance

Hey @Cem,

I don’t personally have any experience with Integromat or Airtable I’m sorry, but I wonder if @AnxiouslyCurious would be able to help? (I literally just read her welcome in the Intro thread :grinning:)

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Attachment deletion is done automatically with PowerImporter’s Airtable to Webflow sync.

Thanks for the link. I’m also aware of Nobull Airtable alternative.

Do you have any suggestions to achieve this within Integromat alone?

Nobull doesn’t support File fields, so it won’t work for your use case.

For the record, I was able to find a solution by introducing an extra branch in the scenario on Integromat.

Here is the final scenario if anyone wants to use it.

It’s basically monitoring for attachment deletion on Airtable (third branch) and re-creating the entry.

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Hey guys, Michaela from Integromat here! Hope everyone’s having a great Monday :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @magicmark for tagging me! Was just about to jump in but I see that @Cem has already figured it all out. A job well done indeed!

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Thanks Michaela.

I feel like mine is a stopgap solution. Deleting collection items just to clear their attachments feels unnecessary.

Plus Webflow doesn’t allow deleting collection items if they’re linked elsewhere, so there is that to deal with as the content grows.

@JudoHacker How do you deal with attachment deletion issue in your product?

Wow, that integromat looks insane!

To answer your question, PowerImporter detects when any Airtable field changes and updates the corresponding Webflow CMS item accordingly. Attachment fields are no different.

It also detects when Airtable records are deleted and automatically deletes the corresponding Webflow CMS items (and unlinks them first if necessary).

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Yes! The size of the Integromat scenario is slightly bigger due to editorial workflow requirements by the client plus the notification system.

I’ve implemented an archival system in Webflow for when Airtable records are cleared for deletion.

Webflow CMS item unlinking feature of PowerImporter is very useful.

When you say

Do you mean PowerImporter can empty the Webflow CMS item field when attachments are completely removed in Airtable cell?

Yes, exactly.

Everything works out of the box.

I have an update to the previous Integromat scenario.

Here is my final solution to the file attachment deletion via API

As you can see compared to the last version, 3rd branch is replaced by only one API call.

In the final step, a new filter compares attachments between Airtable and Webflow.

If the filter is passed, an API PATCH call clears the corresponding Webflow field(s) without requiring the site to be published.