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Airbnb clone for coworking

I’m completely new to webflow.

I’ve studied multiple solutions to build an airbnb-like website for coworking, that would have the same functionalities :

  • Google maps display with the possibility to select the locations directly on this display
  • Host area + customer area
  • Commissions for customers who book in addition to the total price, and commissions for hosts, deducted from the amount they receive

I wrote specifications and was about to hire a developer when I discovered webflow, which seems to be able to meet this need.

Are all these things possible with webflow without coding?
Would this need many APIs for booking/commissions and such?


Hey, Welcome Rollo!

The features you’re listing aren’t supported by Webflow natively, and the lack of a user system (where visitors can be users, have a profile etc) makes building an app with Webflow alone difficult. Webflow can build the template and it can be used in a larger program (app) with a user system.

API nees for sure, but a strong user system is needed to begin with.

I supposed you’re french, you can join us on . And we’re coworkers too, in La Rochelle. We’re WorkingShare, members of COPASS. COPASS is maybe a site that looks like the one you’re looking to build. I think COPASS is based on Drupal 8.

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Hi, Rollo_france. Recently I read article about how to build a platform like airbnb which may help you. This is not a very technical article but for a general understanding of how similar applications work.