Agent - A different kind of ad company

Really stoked to share our new site that was entirely built in Webflow. Thanks for all the support and continuing to make Webflow even better.

Hope you guys like it. Let me know if you notice any weird behavior.


p.s I just updated the DNS. Hopefully it’s made it’s way around the internet. Seems to be working.

Hello @md673! I think that the sight looks very good because of how clean it is and the content organization. :smiley:

The only thing that I don’t like, is the how the Nudista font is used at the top of the page. The logo and navigation items look fantastic, but when you see “A different kind of advertising company. Built for dental centers”, it looks a bit basic.

I suggest playing around with font weights, bold text and maybe make the text a bit smaller. Other than that, great work! :relaxed:

Hey, thanks for the input @MinewireNetwork. I’ll take a second look at that.

Great, thank you for considering the changes!

Very nice clean site. I don’t mind the Nudista font used at the top, I think it’s simplicity works nicely with the other fonts on the pages, especially the homepage.

Thanks! And I agree. The goal was to keep it simple and focus on the message.