Agency site plan for client

Can I as an SEO-agency buy the site plan for my client in my own agency paid Webflow workspace, and charge a higher amount for upkeep & continuous editing for said client?

If so, how would I go about this?

Hi @Niels1 This used to be the case in that you could buy the site plan within your workspace and then bill the client with a marked-up price that you would decide and Webflow would send the client the updated invoice. However, Webflow seem to have removed this option so now, yes you can still purchase the site plan within your own workspace, but, you just need to invoice the client separately using whichever method you do for other clients.

Thank you, if I do this, can I still give them access for basic editing like inserting pictures though?

Hey Neils, yes you can. You’d just pay for the plan yourself, and bill them separately however you like.

What Leon’s referring to is the old client billing feature in which Webflow could bill clients directly for you. That’s gone now, so you have to bill your clients directly.

When the project is in your workspace, you can still give them access to basic editing and CMS work using the editor function. They’ll be able to change content, but not design aspects.

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Thanks Michael you part of the Webflow team?

No, I’m a freelance developer, who just happens to work a lot with Webflow’s stack.