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Age verification on first page visited

I’ve added an age verification lightbox to my website that appears when the page finishes loading.
I’d like to have this age verification on the first page the user visits, no matter what page they first land on.
However, I’d like to do this without the age verification appearing every time the user navigates to a new page on the site.

Is there a way to do this natively in webflow?
Alternatively, can this be achieved with some custom code?

Bonus question: since this uses page load trigger IX, and then IX to close the box, is there an easy way for me to put this on every page of the site?
I’ve had issues with IX when using it as a symbol.

Here is my public share link: LINK

No. There is no back-end session state for visitors accessing site pages.

Yes. You can use browser local storage to store the acceptance of a banner then not display it again if accepted. Note: You may need to address GDPR requirements.

You may wish to look at You could easily turn that into a “age verification” banner.

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Wow, what an incredible resource!

Thanks so much for this