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Age gate with cookies for a brewery

Hello all and thank you for reading,

I’m relatively new to web designing and need help with a website I’m building.
I need an age gate / age verification, a very simple: are you 18? - yes - no.
I have no problem designing a new section with a pop up when loading the page but I need the cookies to remember.

Do I need a custom code? if so, is it easy to set up?
Can I borrow a similar code somewhere?
I have almost 0 code knowledge.

Thank you for helping. :grinning:

Hey @Tom-HS , yes you would need custom code to activate the cookies. There are a lot of online examples you can take advantage of.

Here is a good example that uses cookies that you can reference to:

Here is a reference on adding cookies via JavaScript:

I would also recommend if you are planning on doing this, to add a Cookie Banner to your website. You can use one of @Finsweet 's readymade cloneables as well.