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After adding custom code to my preloader, a small glitch appears every refresh and the custom code styling I put for my carousel is no longer visible/working

Hello webflow community,

I recently added an F’In sweet hack/ custom code for the preloader in my home page, it allows the user to only see the animation once a day: #10 - Use Webflow Interactions to play animation once per day - YouTube.

It works, but when I refresh I see a quick glimpse of my animation, which lasts for half a second and the styling of my carousel when you scroll a bit further down is no longer visible (the styling is also custom code and is located in the same tag as the preloader custom code):

How the carousel is supposed to look like:

How it looks like now- after adding the F’In sweet hack (preloader custom code):

Here is my site Read-Only: Blue Sky EXP Preview LINK
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I guess you can only put one tag for the custom code head of the page. I removed the styling for my preloader animation and kept the styling for the carousel and it works wonderfully, are their other ways to approach this, than what I did?