African Orphanage Website

Hi guys! I recently had the opportunity to do the branding and website for an orphanage based out of Mozambique. Every now and then, I get the opportunity to do work that I believe strongly in. You know, the kind of work you’d do for free just because you’re excited? That was this project for me.

We are currently in the process of writing content and migrating it onto a Wordpress site, (of course, the CMS would be released right after I wrap this up!), but I’m pretty much done with the designs and I’m excited to share them with you.

Take a look! I comped up 6 page templates to use throughout the site:

Home -
Interior (L1) -
Interior (L2) -
Blog Home -
Blog Post - (pardon my poor URL usage!)
Blog Category - (ditto)


I was thinking about to find the right word for describe what I think… :slight_smile: lets say it feels juicy

Such a beautiful site for an awesome cause!!! I’m from South Africa originally and went to Mozambique when I was younger, there is so much need for this. I know this site will help bring benefits and necessities to so many! This site will help save lives :smile:

Thank you for your work, I can see your passion behind it in the quality of the work, thank you for sharing your Webflow creation @ryanjames :smile:

This is AWESOME! :smile:



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:blush: Thank you, @sabanna & @Waldo!

Amazing work @ryanjames!

And more words to keep the minimum length forum gods happy :slight_smile:

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