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"Affect other elements" does not work for targeting ID's, only Class Names

Whenever I enter ID, such as “vidInfo” (I tried #vidInfo as well, just in case), as soon as I leave the field it poofs away and goes blank. Whatever I do then effects the selected div instead of the “different element”.

Using stable Chrome on Windows.

Anyone else able to reproduce this?


U can only use Classes for now. IDs don’t work.

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@Waldo is there any reason why we can’t target elements by ID?

Hi @alexanderwong, it is possible to target elements by ID using custom code, but at the moment, the interactions are targeting classes only.

Check it out on the wish list here: Targeting ID's for styling or interactions

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Hopefully we’ll get to use IDs and pseudo classes soon for interactions, sans the custom code ability. The wish list has been there almost 2 years.

Need that too!
In order to do not recreate from scratch a class for a Div I only added a combo class. But when I try to add an interaction I can’t choose the combo class.

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