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Hi - So I have a symbol nav bar with a log in button. What I want to happen is that when you log in the log in button hides and is replaced with a user image. I can make this work fine using legacy interactions and affect different elements - but it only effects the one page.

Is there any way to make this a global change so the log in button is hidden and replaced with the user image on all instances where the symbol of the nav bar is used.

Please Help : )

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Hey @Dan_Billingham

Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hi Piter - It’s a bit of a client sensitive project.

Do you understand what I mean In my original question?

Hello @Dan_Billingham

What tool are you using for the login implementation?

Hi - I was using the legacy interactions. Basically hiding and showing the different elements in the nav bar when I click on a button. As I said It work fine for the page I was on - but as soon as I went to another page - the nav bar goes back to it’s original state (before i clicked the button)

I get that, but I mean this:

this is what I’m wondering:

Where is this info coming from?

Ok, so there is no real data.
I have a log in form. When you click the log in button it affects the user img in the navigation (revealing it) and also hides the text link in the navigation.


Oh I see, is just like prototyping.

In this case, because you’re not using anything for this but interactions you’re going to need some custom code to record the change in a cookie. I’m not a coder myself but I recon this is what you need. Sorry not being able to help with the custom code part.


If you’re just designing the site and then a developer will do the connections for the login system then you should just point that out to him.

If you’re going to build the entire site yourself I recommend you using @DuncanHamra’s solution that I’m sure can help you with the login system and to change the login button for the members data.


Thanks, @aaronocampo!

Hi @Dan_Billingham, nice to meet you. If you decide to give MemberStack a go feel free to reach out with questions @belltyler and I are happy to help.