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Affect Children of Siblings


Currently it is no possible to affect the children of siblings in interactions.

I’ve created a quick demo to show what I am talking about, in this example, I cannot modify the children of the interaction trigger.

Currently we can do all kinds of amazing stuff to the children of an interaction trigger. However, we cannot amazify the children of a triggers siblings.

The use cases are in repeating elements / lists – In this simple example, if I want to show and hide the Description when you click through the triggers, I can’t.

I can show the child Description of the Trigger, but I can’t then hide the description when I click on one of the trigger’s siblings.

I understand it would be possible if I created an interaction for each Trigger, but that’s not suitable for dynamic lists and reusing interactions.

Has anyone bumped up against this before?

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This is a problem that I’m sure that many of us designers have stumbled upon. For finer controls over interactions, I recommend you using a simple JS to perform your animation.

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