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AEKVideo Business Site

I am nearing completion of my new site that I used to host on Wix, then considered Weebly and Squarespace, and ultimately chose Webflow and I have no regrets!

It is indeed minimalist and I plan to incorporate more pages as time goes on to boost SEO as suggested by a fellow web developer I network with, let me know what you think so far!


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I like how the site is nice and simple although what I would do to improve the site is find more original interesting text. Other than that the site looks pretty good! :wink::+1:

Hello @aegnorkeil,

Nice work :slight_smile: and I am glad to hear about your decision to stay with Webflow.

One little suggestion: use the one (same) style of icons for services. Now they are all from different styles and looks a little bit odd :confused:
Also, I would style the current state for menu links, but probably it was you idea to leave it plain :slightly_smiling:


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The icons fairly look similar, though to make them look like they belong to the same family, I would make the outline of the icons all the same value. This way you don’t have some weird looking icons that some are thin and others wider outlines. :wink: That’s how it looks on mobile. :grinning:

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