Advice to create a quiz-like module in webflow?

So we are scoping out a project where we would like to create a compatibility quiz for customers who want to learn more about our product compatibility. It is a complicated process for the customers to navigate and an informational quiz-like module would be great for the customer experience.

One idea was to have something we could then embed externally in our partners sites also, no idea how this would work either!

Here is an example of a competitors:

Essentially we want a decision tree functionality, resulting in a number of solutions and ‘not compatible’ answers.

Obviously this is going to require something extra than my basic web design knowhow - I am wondering what kind of capabilities webflow might have to pull this off. We would love to be able to edit and refine this module in webflow as we go without having to rely on Dev help after the initial build.

With my limited knowledge of this kind of thing would someone be able to explain a few different ways we could build this or point me in the right direction to some freelancers/Agencies who have the knowhow.

Thanks a bunch!

If you want to keep this inside Webflow you’re going to need custom code to show and hide options depending on the user’s feedback.

You can use third party platforms like Typeform to create something like this without problem, tools like Typeform give you control of the logic of the answer right inside of the quiz creation so maybe you should consider them.

Another one that I’ve found very useful for projects like that is

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah i’ve seen Typeform’s quiz functionality, and for something simple it is great, however we’re after something more complex in terms of design, maybe not in terms of the decision tree.

Not seen Ucalc before, that looks like a great tool!

It sounds like we’ll probably go down the route of building in webflow with the help of a dev. So we have full control over design elements.

Another question: Is it possible to export say the working quiz section, to then embed on an external site? (similar to how Typeform do it) Im assuming we’d need to extra help there too?

Sorry for my limited code knowledge ha

I don’t think that would be possible just like that because Webflow is website design tool and you’d need more that just the design to make something like that work in other places.

That sounds correct, let me know if you need help in that regard.