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Advice/suggestions on research for the following challenge

Hi everyone,

I’m just getting started with Webflow and I was hoping someone could push me in the right direction for tutorials to read up on to solve the following:

I want to create a website which does the following:

  1. Main page shows a list of exercises pulled from a CMS. This shows the name, description and up to 3 photos (Note: I’ve set this up and it works)
  2. Each exercise needs a tick box so that we can select that exercise (Note: I can’t do this as it says tick boxes can only be used on forms)
  3. Once you tick all exercises that you require, there should be a save button
  4. Pressing save should take the selected exercises and process them (either send mail, or alternatively create a unique page for a 2nd user to refer to - I’m fairly flexible on this part).

Can anyone assist from 2 onwards?
I’m happy to research, but am stuck…

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jason, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

For the 2nd point - you can put the hole collection list inside a form, so you can add tick boxes.
For the 3rd + 4th points will need an automation backend like Zapier/Integromat or even a CRM platform like Mailchimp.