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Advice on starting online boutique

really want to start my very own online boutique I’m 22 years old . I want to know what I have to do to start I’m clueless where to begin on starting my boutique , I want it to look professional like or… Idk about manufacturers and investors … This has always been my dream and I want it to happen I want there to be clothing and jewelry for women around my age … Can someone give some advice on what to do and where to start to move forward with this ? I am ready to put in all the work and time to create a successful business

Nice project Britt. If you want to use Webflow for your shop, as things are for now, it’s possible in a certain way, by building pages showcasing your products and manually adding Paypal buttons for the customers to click on. But this solution works only for a limited number of items, because everything has to be done manually: orders following, stock maintenance etc.

There are also third parties, like Paystand, and Ecwid, which lets users create an entire store by embedding a shopping cart/store into a webflow site using the embed widget. Check this post for more infos : Webflow e-commerce/shopping cart functionality

If you aim at selling more than a few dozens of products, you need to use a more specific e-commerce platform that’s geared up with everything you need to manage sales and products. And there’s two major routes: the first one consist in using platforms like Etsy. Very easy to add products and manage sales, but you’ll maybe not getting the unique, independent look you want your site to have. If you need your own site, with unique look/template, self hosted etc. there are platforms like Magento or some combinations of Wordpress + e-commerce modules, that should work well. You’ll be required to handle a fair amount of technical stuff, from server management, domain settings, and all the work on the platform itself.

If you don’t know how to handle these technical aspects, at all, you can learn along the way. But if you want to start selling quick, Etsy and other shops like this can have you start within a day really, then you can take your time to upgrade to a more professional, independent solution later on the way. Platforms like Etsy act like a network of shops, so you’re at the same time in competition with other shops, and benefiting from the general search engine and the huge customers traffic on the site. It’s worth looking at, clothing and jewelry are specifically looked for on Esty so it’s a good match.

I hope this helps.


Thank you so much for all this advice and information I really appreciate it


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