Advice on Ideal plan for a web development company


We’re a newly established web development firm. We’re seeking advice on the ideal plan to select for our client’s websites. Presently, we manage five client websites, opting for the CMS plan priced at $29.00 USD per month, plus tax, for each site. Each of our sites requires both a custom domain and CMS assistance. We are wondering if there’s anything we can do to cut down on those costs. Rather than attaching separate CMS plans to every site we create, we’re exploring agency plans that offer cost savings on a broader scale. I couldn’t see any other plans on the webflow site. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you.

Why don’t you have clients pay for their own hosting by transferring the completed website to their workspace? You could get a Freelance workspace plan which allows you to be invited to their workspaces for free, so you’d only need to pay for the workspace plan while your client pays for their site plan.

Thanks for your comment. But we plan to do the development, billing and deployment from our account. We have our servers, so can we design in Webflow and host outside Webflow? We are doing it for HTML sites but not sure how to do this for CMS sites.

Thank you.