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Advice on how to escape quote symbols via the API

When posting something like this to the API
"hello, <a href=\"\" world"

The API response looks correct (like: "hello, <a href=\"\" world")

But once one of our marketing people look in the CMS, there appears to be double quotes like this:
hello, <a href="""" world

This breaks the ability for our marketers to edit those URLs, cause the WebFlow CMS strips out everything between the double quotes.

Is there some kind of custom escaping scheme we need to use to get rid of the double quotes?

Hi there,

I’m working with @Renning to investigate this. Renning set up a test but all appeared to work as expected.

Can you provide some more information? Specifically what API are you using, and what does your request look like so we can attempt to duplicate it on this end.

​Thanks in advance.