Advice on eCommerce site

Hello everyone. I’ve never created a site like this and need some advice.

I have a client that is looking for a super basic Ecommerce site. Basically, the site will be a place for sales people to order marketing materials.

How the site will work:

  1. Sales person creates an account.
  2. Sales person selects what marketing materials they need and places an order.
  3. Printer receives order via email (along with the sales person)
  4. Printer prints and ships out the order
  5. Printer invoices company one invoice at the end of every month

There will be 10 to 15 items a first and go up as the company expands. There are 100 sales people that will need to have logins/account access.

As I have never created an Ecommerce site, what is your advice on that? Can webflow do that or do we need a third party? No clue what to charge for this either as I’m not familiar with Ecommerce sites.

  1. Sales person creates an account.

This isn’t possible (yet) with native Ecommerce functionality, so you’d need to look into a third-part option like Memberstack to get that part working. Getting order history and such (which I’m guessing is the reason you want the sales person to have an account) may be a bit tricky to showcase but that would be a good avenue to get you started.

All of the other pieces should work fine with native features, but you could also look into Shippo to simplify the fulfillment process a bit. The Starter plan is free (with only a $.05 cost per printed label) but other plans start at $10 a month.

On Memberstack, will the sales people be able to order items without paying?

I imagined Memberstack mainly taking care of the membership portion of the project, but I don’t see why they couldn’t handle $0 purchases.

You may want to reach out to them if you end up wanting to keep all of the process localized there (rather than use Ecommerce functionality in Webflow) as I can’t say for sure if that’s a normal use case for them. I’ve gone ahead and pinged @Naitik_Mehta who works there and is active here in the community in hopes of a quick(er) reply.

Another option would be to consider for both parts of the equation as I believe they recently added the ability to have member accounts. Again, you’ll probably want to reach out to them directly to see if it will work for your situation as I don’t have experience with this type of project utilizing Webflow. Thankfully they’re also active around here so I’ve tagged @foxy as well in hopes they can similarly give you a quick(er) reply.

Hope that helps :+1:


Thank you so much. This is a great help!

@mikeyevin Thank you for the mention.

@creativeclicks Nice to meet you. Foxy supports subscriptions, one-off, $0 charges, and more.

With our new drop-in customer portal, customers can login, view order history, manage their subscriptions, update billing/shipping/login info, and more, all inside of your Webflow site. This feature is currently in private beta. You can learn more and apply here. Invites are being sent in batches every week or so.

In addition, you can show/hide Webflow pages/elements based on any combination of the following:

  • Customer is logged in
  • Customer is logged out
  • Customer has an active subscription
  • Customer has an active subscription for a specific plan/membership
  • Customer has purchased a specific product

More info on our seamless Webflow integration can be found here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


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Thanks for the tag, Mike!

@creativeclicks Not fully sure I understand the workflow you described, but you could check these out for a detailed list of information on what’s possible or not with Memberstack:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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