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Advice for implementing this gallery layout


I’m working on a project for a client, and in the designs I need to implement the following gallery layout:

Where you can click on any of the 6 images on the grid to the right, and a bigger image will show up accordingly to the left.

This is the closest solution I managed to create with Tabs:

Is it possible to layout the Tabs element like the layout above?

Thanks in advance

Anyone? :worried:
Even a “No, you can’t do this layout with Tabs” will help me.

Could you share your read only link? It can sometimes help if people can experiment with your actual design therefore showing a clearer solution. :relaxed:

I deleted my attempt because I got a bit angry :sweat:
I will post a read-only link as soon as possible, just need to build it again…

Thank you for the suggestion!

@levcode, hey sorry we all didn’t get to respond to ya… I’ll take the blame for the community :frowning_face:

No you can’t do this with tabs natively (I’m almost certain, but someone may have another trick). Tabs are simply divs tied together, so you can create this same effect by using triggers and interactions. May take some time to think it out, but pretty much anything is possible.

Also, there are TONS of scripts that do this with tabs free. If you need help finding one let me know. I have a bunch of saved link resources.

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