Advanced Scrollable Pop-Up Window

Hello everyone,

I’m using this forum as a last resource. I want to create a Marketplace Search Filter as a scrollable pop-up window. It has many elements to filter.

I’ve only found help by making the window very large until everything fits. However, I want the window to have its own scroll. We can see it everyday in things like Terms and Conditions of websites, Webflow Forum Sign Up, etc.

I’v been trying to figure it out but it’s mindblowing and have no idea. Thanks for any help in advance!!!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @alvipeVillalba,

Hope I can help out with this one - just wanted to check if you’ve tried using overflow: scroll on the container?

If you can direct me to which content and container needs to be scrollable, that would be super helpful!


Hi @mww ,

I’ve just realised that there’s an option next to overflow to make it scrollable if content overflows. However, you also have to give it a certain width. Thanks so much for the help!

You can see the result in the ‘Projects’ Page (not CMS) here:

Hi @alvipeVillalba,

Nice one! Good to see you sorted it out. :smile:


I am using this method for my website but it is not working and I am unable to integrate this method. I want to use a pop-up form on my website and it should be scrollable but currently, I am unable to do this. Anyone can help me, please.