Advanced Form Issues and Pizza :)

Hey, guys. I’m facing a few challenges on a personal project that I hope some of you creative people have some ideas about how to solve :slight_smile:

I’m building a site where a companies employees can go and choose 1 gift from 6 gifts, for their Christmas present.

I doing it with the form elements, and I have a few obstacles.

The current form is like this:

  • Full name
  • Employee number (identification)
  • Gift choice (select element)

My challenges:

  1. Can any of you think of a way to set an amount of available items (ex. 200 items availble for gift 3)

  2. I also need to find a way to avoid double entries. So when an employee have made one order, then he can’t order again. (Is there a way to track the IP or browser used maybe?)

I am not afraid of using custom code or anything, but I’m really not that good a writing and understanding it (javascript, jquery)

A solution for any of the challenges will be rewarded with eternal gratitude and a pizza delivered to your door :wink: haha…

Hi @NikolajHaugaard

Why don’t you try using TypeForm?

I’ve created a couple of forms with TypeForm and then integrated them in the website :slight_smile:
In order to prevent duplicates, read this:

Hey @IggsTP
I used typeform in the past, but it’s because I’m trying to build my own service for companies to use :slight_smile: So it would be nice to have my own system, you know :wink:

@NikolajHaugaard gotcha :wink:

I hope some of the other guys are able to help you.
I’ve never tried doing something like that, sorry :pensive:

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