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Advanced CMS Features beyond Webflow CMS

I posted this on Facebook also, but I think I have found a good workflow for sites needing an advanced CMS with Webflow. The Webflow CMS is great, but it is lacking some advanced CMS functions which I have mentioned before such as a Repeater Field (see Grid at and User Auth, so I started searching for an alternative. Well I found one…Statamic. Statamic is a flat file CMS and is it pretty simple to work it into you Webflow workflow. You just design your unique template such as Home, Page, Blog, etc and them export them from Webflow. Basically any Symbols such as navbars or footers would be Partials or Includes in Statamic. The rest of the template dividing for Layouts and Page templates is not hard, but a bit to much for this post.

Anyway, if you need some advanced features in your CMS beyond what Webflow can do, check out Statamic. Maybe someday we will get a Repeater Grid field in Webflow. When building out things like Recipes, FAQs, and Product options where you don’t have a defined quantity it is a godsend. Please get a Repeater field Webflow!! Rich Text fields are not the answer. Until then, check out

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Please vote for this feature. We need it badly.