Adobe typekit not showing

I’ve added Cortado font from my Typekit account. When I went to Fonts on my Dashboard, it showed up on the list of Adobe fonts. I chose Save. I waited days and days, and although it shows the correct font on screen, when I save it to code, and upload it to GoDaddy, the font is wrong.

How do I get the correct font to show on my final product?

@rcstot to get it to load properly you must add your website to the Typekit approved sites list. Unfortunately with CC you are limited to 100 sites. Anything more than that and you must upgrade your Typekit account. Otherwise just find a Google Font Substitute.

That is what I have done for all of my projects, especially working in a team environment and not having access to main account login credentials.

Hope this helps?


thank you for your response. The only problem is, I can’t find anywhere on Typekits is the “approved sites list.”
Can you tell me where it is?

@rcstot here is a link tp typekit info:

Also, it is based on the fonts used, which my plan is unlimited fonts, but on my CC plan I am allowed up to 500,000 page views (in total) across all sites and fonts. You can always upgrade later. But to find this out you just need to log in to your account and go to your My Account page which is located in the upper right side of the site.

As you can see above with what I have available.

Lmk, if this helps?


OK, the link was interesting and your comments on page limits etc are helpful, but still can’t find the area on My Account where it says "approved websites’ that you mentioned in your first post.

Hopefully you were able to get this resolved, I have been so bogged down with projects that all my posting was put on hold.

But when I mentioned about the 100 sites, Adobe went ahead and changed that to a Page views limitation instead. And updated that I was not made aware of at the time. You can disregard the Site limitations post.

Hope this helps.