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Adobe Typekit Font Stopped Working With SSL

Noticed that the custom Adobe font for this site I’m working on isn’t working on the published site. The designer and is showing the font just fine. My suspicion is that turning on SSL is somehow blocking the typekit integration because I can’t find in the published CSS.

Anyone have ideas?

Hi @matthewpmunger

I pulled up your site and found this error in the console:

Can you please double check your Typekit settings to make sure everything is set up correctly for your project?

You can use this handy troubleshooting guide.

Hope this helps!

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So I went and check Typekit again. was listed in the kit settings.

Then I added the https:// version of the domain, saved, and now it appears to be working. However when I go back to Typkit, the https:// domain is not listed. Repeated the process and the same thing keeps happening.

Can anyone confirm in their browser whether or not the custom Vista Slab font is showing for them?

Looks great from this end :slight_smile:

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Is the font rendering on your end as well?

Yes, it is working for me too. Quirky typekit.
Thank you, @Brando!

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​It’s my pleasure! Happy to hear that worked!

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