Adobe Muse End of Life

Then they shouldn’t have shut down Muse w/out having XD up and running (and w/out some way of importing a Muse site into XD so it doesn’t have to be recreated).

At this point, I don’t care if XD is the preferred website building program from the Google gods - I WILL NEVER USE ADOBE PRODUCTS AGAIN.

Their “end of life” email on Black Monday was like getting stabbed in the back. Adobe could give it away for free. Wouldn’t take it.

This is the THIRD time they’ve yanked a program. THIRD!

I am done w/ Adobe and I hope future generations learn from our mistakes and never trust Adobe.

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Totally agreed!! But I see it as a blessing as I am able to learn about new software and ways of doing things.

I’m still stuck with Adobe since I have to use their illustator, photoshop, indesign and video editing apps…

I absolutely love Webflow! I researched extensively for Muse replacement, and Webflow proves to be a great choice for any web designer who wants to build a custom site from scratch, and not have to worry about writing code. If one prefers, Webflow also provides templates, but if you’re serious about wanting to design a one-of-a-kind website, where you have control over layout, then Webflow is for you! Webflow has wonderful customer service, and takes time to fully answer all questions, and always offers more assistance if need be. One can easily learn Webflow’s tools by watching their informative tutorials and easy to follow videos. I am pleasantly surprised at what all Webflow offers in just one package. Webflow tools not only design great looking responsive websites, but also provide tools for creating amazing animation and user interaction. With Webflow it’s an all-in-one tool, and I highly recommend trying!


I think someone must have leaked the D-Day date. I know that several Muse related companies were given advance warning - but under a Non-Disclose agreement

If I were one of those people (knowing that my bread and butter was about to end), I would have leaked that info to a competitor too!

Good for Webflow for running w/ it! Great video!

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Thank you for your kind invitation Paul :slight_smile: heel erg bedankt hoor!
Webflow is a very interesting alternative to Muse - for sure. It can do so much more as I can tell from the Video and Tutorials as Muse did. Finally there is an ability for Password Protection and so much more, we did need for our sites. Most sites also here are more industrial design and not a what we like to use in an entire Academy with all the different classes, sections and faculties.
QooQee did make some real fantastic high quality Templates and is now pointing to Webflow as their future Playground. And have already new Templates on their site. A very interesting development.

But on the other side, we did pay for years for Adobe Creative Cloud and for Muse Theme every month did also buy several sophisticated Templates and widgets for our Academy, from QooQee. What about them? Not easy to recreate this on Webflow, with a large amount of beautiful design on the template pages. And pretty awesome and advanced functions on their Widgets.

On of the major things we still needed, before publishing all our new sites for our Academy, are a Password protection for every class in our Academy, for the administration and the faculty.
Should we just delete all of them now, all Widgets and Templates and starting from scratch with Webflow?
All the monthly fees for several years are payed for nothing? I feel like I was running a marathon over 26 miles - and now 10 ft before the finish-line in the stadium, somebody is cutting the power line, everybody is paralyzed and is leaving in different directions.

What can Webflow do for us? What can we do with our investment. If our carefully selected elements are usable i Webflow, or if Webflow is able to create a Converter like this one:

then our Academy and most of our students will come to Webflow.
Otherwise we’ll wait for Wabbler.
In Wabbler we can use our Templates and all the widgets, and we may get perhaps most of the same functions we can get in Webflow. Still a Crowdfunding process there.

This is the whole turning point for many of the 30.000+ who did subscribe Adobe Muse.
Perhaps you are able to do the Magic - together with QooQee and 123Muse/ MuseGrid…
It would be the best solution for most of us I think. No doubt. :wink: Win Win for everybody.
And we do not have to invent the wheel again. :wink:

Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, then Final Cut Pro if you have a Mac. Bye bye subscription.