Adobe Muse End of Life

That is insane! How did you do such a great video so quickly? Oodles of respect. (And who is your brilliant narrator?)

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That was fast. I love all your videos - the narrator is brilliant.

I already use Webflow, and that video got me so excited! :joy:

Especially the last sentence…

We’re just getting started


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For us former Adobe users it would be an amazing surprise if Webflow had an option to import muse projects. Are you planning to develop this feature?


I think it safe to say that this is nothing you should have high hopes for. Even clean good like Webflow produces is not possible to import in the designer, it should be even more problematic with code from Muse. I can’t remember where but one from Webflow explained the problems with importing code and why they’re not focusing on that for now anyway.

It is a learning curve but it really pays when you get it. Watch the videos on University and ask away and search on the forums.


Hi @Kristof_Papp

Welcome to the forums - as @jorn says I would be surprised if there was a full convert/import approach - but as @anais says here they are looking at ways to help with the process of moving over (also the 2nd post on that thread may be of use as well) Adobe Muse dev/support ending - Switching to Webflow?

If you are on twitter - maybe follow @callmevlad too - he mentioned that Webflow are looking into how they can smooth the process:

Thanks For the answers.

Adobe hasn’t said its last word. Adobe XD looked like another promising starting point for them. I was an early user during the beta time and it was impressive.

Thank you so very much you guys - we are literally FREAKING OUT over in the Adobe waste land…

We really appreciate this support. I hope to become a new Client very soon. i will need A LOT of assistance! I have a new website I was meant to commence THIS WEEK. I am already behind and now I have to learn an entire new system - the University looks AMAZING - I have watched EVERY single video. Awesome resources. Thank you for the transition assistance. We will need a lot.

I’m telling EVERYONE to go WEBFLOW!


Ask away @sassisammi - and keep throwing those lifelines :+1:t2:

Now you’ve watched all the university videos, you just need to catch up on @PixelGeek Tuesday workshops and livestreams (just a 100 or so - only 150+ hrs of content :wink: ) -

Those happen every tuesday at 10am pacific.

A few other resources you can tap into:

Robert Smith on Youtube:
@micahryanhtml on Youtube:
@Aaron step by step tutorials on the Webflow blog:
@vincent tips and tricks:

There’s lots more, and inspiration at - where you can clone certain projects, or look at the ‘designer’ view of them to see how they were built.

I think that will keep you going for now though…:grin:


thanks @stuM - quick question.

I haven’t seen anything yet in relation to themes or templates? Muse had them for ease of starting designs and customising them. Does WEBFLOW have anything like templates?

Yup :grin::+1:

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Yep as @PixelGeek says - there are ‘templates’ but they do differ from a ‘theme’ approach in that you can’t change them once you’ve started.

You could strip down a template back to a blank canvas - but you can’t re-install/change to a different template on a project.

I never used muse but had used Dreamweaver for many years. I do use Adobe for my digital assets like images and vector work but that’s it now. I find it to be very offensive that Adobe holds your work in there formats and when or if you can’t pay the price you lose your work. Not cool.

I hope all that are used to adobe see this, I can say if you are used to Adobe the team at Webflow will impress. They are fast to help are open to expansion of there system based on feed back and do not keep your work in the end you can just export if needed. For those with project that they wish to continue save your resorsess fast. and I mean fast as they will be gone once they take it away.

Webflows platform is just like dreamweaver now I never did open muse had full suite for a couple of years till I couldn’t afford it and lost much work because of it. Now granted I shoot in raw no nothing is truly lost when you work with negatives but with assets from muse you may be done for. I am very happy with Webflow since finding them. It has taken a bit to get used to it but it has been a simple learning curve as there are many ways for one to learn.

I say watch the tuts get used to platform then if you have design experience and understand HTML and CSS and how they work your set. Next find a designer you like in Webflow then use them as a start point.

The best thing about webflow is the read-only links shared by other designers on Webflow. From these read only you can see how things were done if confuse along the way. I honestly as an artist can’t say enough about Webflow and its team. I would wait for months to get replies from Adobe but all i ever got from them was the newsletters and help forms that were hard to use and never showed much. Not on Webflow the community is very helpful and the team works hard every day to be sure every designer is getting full use of there system.

@PixelGeek is the man he will make a video about just about anything in no time flat showing just how to do things that are just way cool. I am sold 110% I hope more muse users show up it would be great to have them.


Hi @Nathan_Kickbush

This is slightly off-topic, but where you mention images and vector work - have you looked at Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer - one off payments to purchase, and quite powerful in their own right.


Haven’t will take a look for sure thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

go right to figma for your vector prototyping

Then they shouldn’t have shut down Muse w/out having XD up and running (and w/out some way of importing a Muse site into XD so it doesn’t have to be recreated).

At this point, I don’t care if XD is the preferred website building program from the Google gods - I WILL NEVER USE ADOBE PRODUCTS AGAIN.

Their “end of life” email on Black Monday was like getting stabbed in the back. Adobe could give it away for free. Wouldn’t take it.

This is the THIRD time they’ve yanked a program. THIRD!

I am done w/ Adobe and I hope future generations learn from our mistakes and never trust Adobe.

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Totally agreed!! But I see it as a blessing as I am able to learn about new software and ways of doing things.

I’m still stuck with Adobe since I have to use their illustator, photoshop, indesign and video editing apps…

I absolutely love Webflow! I researched extensively for Muse replacement, and Webflow proves to be a great choice for any web designer who wants to build a custom site from scratch, and not have to worry about writing code. If one prefers, Webflow also provides templates, but if you’re serious about wanting to design a one-of-a-kind website, where you have control over layout, then Webflow is for you! Webflow has wonderful customer service, and takes time to fully answer all questions, and always offers more assistance if need be. One can easily learn Webflow’s tools by watching their informative tutorials and easy to follow videos. I am pleasantly surprised at what all Webflow offers in just one package. Webflow tools not only design great looking responsive websites, but also provide tools for creating amazing animation and user interaction. With Webflow it’s an all-in-one tool, and I highly recommend trying!