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Adjusting Padding Between Images Within Columns


I couldn’t find this issue anywhere in the search so I apologize in advance if this has been covered in the past.

My hierarchy is as follows: Container>Row>Column1>Image>DivBlock>Heading

There are 4 columns within the parent container and I am trying to adjust the padding between the 4 columns. The actual column edges are touching but there is a large amount of white space in between and I’d like to reduce it.


@nstrauss To adjust padding for your column you only need to give it a class and then set your padding. You can set another columns to same class name to have same padding. Is that answer your question?

Bytheway, you can share your public link by enable it first from Site Settings and copy paste it here. Public link enable us to see your work in designer in read only (preview) mode. So we can observe your problem better and easier.

When I go to give the column a class, it ends up clearing other styles I’ve applied to text elsewhere on the content page.

Any properties set to a class will only affect to elements that you assign that class. Thus you need to assign a unique class name to each element so it will have their own styles. You may want to share your public link so people on this forum can help you better.