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Adjusting Height of Collection Items

I’m having trouble figuring out how to adjust the height of the collection list (or div) pictured in the screenshot below. I’d like to be able to have the div that contains the SPONSOR header and image closer to the menu at the bottom.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Hi databiscuits,

I wish I could quickly find it but this was answered in a previous entry. I had a similar issue (Divs with image backgrounds that won’t accept a height). The solution was to use vertical padding (I used 100% in the top padding). But that will only work if you ‘normalize’ the images (same dimensions) I think. The alternative may be to manage the size of the grid (if the divs are on a grid) and make them stretch.

Also, remember to give the divs a class, otherwise they may act wonky (also happened to me before).

But I’d look for the previously answered entry for the ‘legit’ answer. Hope this helps!