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Adjust padding on the sides webflow

Hello there!

Im having an issue when trying to adjust a column with the padding on the sides (please look at 1:24 in to the columns video . There you can see only the sides get affected which is resulting in a thinner or fatter column “cutting” the sides or adding on the sides of the image. When I try the same thing, it affects all sides. I just want my image to get thinner so the sides gets “cut”, not get the whole thing larger… I added image “1” which is how it looks now and image “2” of how I want it to look like…

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Hi @Stavros

Can you share your preview link please - makes it much easier to give you help :slight_smile:


If you want “crop effect” use bg-image (You also can solve this by <img> but this is more tricky).

Create div with 300px height for example - and set bg background. Than set background-size

Anyway its hard to 100% understand your problem.

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