Adjust numbering for specific list items?

Good morning everyone!

I’m trying to create a terms and conditions page. As part of this, I have some nested lists in there.

My understanding of best practices for nested lists is to create the list architecture first and drop an additional list in a list item. This worked great for unordered lists, but is creating an issue with ordered lists.

In section 3 of this page, it should look like this:

a. words
b. words
c. words
i. words
ii. words
d. words - this is the problem line, because I can’t get it to go to d since the i. and ii. on the previous line are in a list item that has the numbering turned off.
e. words

I’m seeing that I can’t adjust the HTML, and haven’t found a way to specify what number to assign to a list item.

How do you adjust numbering for a particular list item to allow the numbering to be consecutive? Or are there other ways that I should organize the content so it works like I’m hoping it will?

Here is my site Read-Only: Terms and conditions page

Figured out a better way to do this.