Adjust images for different platforms

Found this, but the answer was not there. I want to be able to adjust the images as I move to each platform. Can I not do this by adjusting the image by grabbing a corner and moving to size? I’m doing something wrong because it is affecting the desktop. If anyone can point me to a video/tutorial, I would appreciate it. I can’t find anything.


Trying to make the company icons smaller starting with the tablet size. Not sure what I should be looking to…the link block? The image inside the link block?

Hey, looks like you have the logos towards the bottom set to “clientpic” class. Try adjusting that %value as you change your viewpoint (desktop tablet and mobile icons at the top) as this will set the respective sizes depending on what viewpoint you are editing in.

I adjusted it at Max as a percentage. The problem I now have is the image is not centered within the link block. This is a problem when I want to change the format to a column for mobile.

I corrected this by aligning center in the Typography section (for any newbs that follow me).

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