Adjust Background Grid (Not CSS-Grid)


I created my Design Mockup in Adobe Xd with an 1090 px Canvas.
I used an helper Grid like this with the Settings width 122 and distance between the columns 16:

Now I have problems with Webflow because the default Canvas is 1375px and the helper Grid has different settings than mine in Xd:

Are there any setting where I can change the Grid or the default Canvas in Webflow?
Or do you have any other tips for me to convert my Mockup to Webflow?

Thanks and kind regards! :slight_smile:

change canvas.

Thanks, I did it but is it a permanent change? And will changes apply to all other sizes? Or only to the specific 1920px Width and above version?

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Hi Lukas. I have had the same problems— I like to design in XD (for speed), and then assemble in Webflow. I built a Webflow demo to show how I revise the grid: (custom-grids - Webflow)