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Adjacent Links go to the Same URL - a solution

I have been trying to sort that issue out for a while.
Its not a webflow issue more accessibility screen reader alert.

What the alert is saying is you have 2 links close by that are both going to the same place.
Now I know what you are thinking, well that sounds obvious and simple to sort out.

However for me I concentrated more on the page where I did have 2 links which were well apart. And the funny thing was if I moved them two closer together the error went away.

So what was the issue!
I had a navigational (menu) link, then on the same page (indeed not that far down) was a short explanation of my service, click this link etc.

I really needed a pages navigation (who doesn’t) and a short section inside my designer page showing I offer this alternative webflow performance service.

FIX - Have a section ID on the page you want to go to,
Screenshot 2021-02-28 123109

Then choose page URL, put your website address in
*remove the =, I added that so it didn’t produce a link, but make sure you have the # at the end of the page name.

Screenshot 2021-02-28 122208

Side note: If you are interested in accessibility consultant service then pm me.