Adguard windows 10 & chrome


Ive noticed that with Adguard that it blocks “some” svgs from appearing but only on win10 and chrome. Works fine on mac chrome and sarfari. (this inlcudes the in the webflow builder itself and the published site)

If you’re using Adguard i suggest disabling it for webflow and your sites to aviod this… i wasted a couple hours trying to figure out what was happening.


Good advice. In a general manner, you should work with Webflow in a very clean environment, free of any extensions other than the ones you really need to work with (Webflow Chrome Extension for example).

To do this, it’s useful to chose a browser to work with Webflow and another to browse with plenty of blockers and extensions. You could use Safari for example. I very often use Chrome Canary, which is a kind of stable development release of chrome.

Webflow Chrome extension gives you a color picker in every color swatches dialog

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Thanks @vincent , yeah ive disabled most of my extensions now.

Thanks for headsup about the webflow color picker, i had no idea about that :smile:


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