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Additional pages to Purchased template


I purchased the template Artsy from webflow. I am creating a prototype for a website using the artsy template, but i need to additional pages onto my work. I was trying to duplicate a page, but that was not possible. So, I tried creating a new page, but that would not happen either.

Can you please suggest what I am doing wrong?


hi @Mann_Kaur, thanks for your post. Usually the two main reasons, is that #1 you have exceeded your page limit in your site of 80 pages, or #2 you are using our Free plan, which only allows you to edit two pages of the first site in your site dashboard.

If you could please send me a read-only link to your site, I am happy to take a look.

More information about read-only links:

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thank for your reply!

Here is the read-only link:


Hi @Mann_Kaur , can you try to add a page and let me know the error you are getting when you go to add a new page?

One thing you might try to do, is to set your site from Public to Private. Since you are on a Micro Account, you have one site that can be private with up to 80 pages and all other sites are 2 pages including the public sites. Having your site set to public might be the issue.

Let me know how it goes and I hope this helps. Cheers, Dave

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