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Additional characters inserted into URL

I exported my site from webflow and uploaded it to my server. However, some of the pages are including additional characters in the URLs. For example:

This url:

Becomes this on my server:

The export was from a duplicated site, if that makes any difference. I started on one but changed mid-stream to a slightly different design but wanted many of the same CSS classes. So I duplicated to begin the new site (Ant logic. I don’t know where I come up with these goofy ideas haha)

@Ant do you have any 3rd party scripts or social plugins on your page? We’ve seen cases where facebook will insert hash fragments into the url.

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Hey @danro yes, i’ve got addthis as well as Google+. I think that must be what is happening. I was worried that the URLs were being rewritten but i can see now that is probably just the social plugin adding characters for tracking.

Thanks man! I don’t care what the other guys at Webflow say, you’re alright!

Haha are there rumors going around about the infamous @danro? :smiley:

Just a bunch of Github Tram haters!

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Hi, I have had problems with AddThis with these characters and also this plugin is adding dom elements all over the place at runtime… for this reason, I have stopped using AddThis, until I can figure out how to get that plugin to only show the social icons, and not take any other freedoms with the webpage (like adding in some ugly page footer at the end of pages…

Yeah, i noticed the same thing. I’m not a fan of that plugin either. The page load times are terrible!

I think I’m gonna give add-to-any a shot if I can customize the button layouts.