Adding url parameter info to webflow page


Can a webflow page accept url parameters? I’m using a typeform to collect answers in a quiz style format. I want to pass those answers as url parameters to a webflow page and add those answers as hidden fields to a webflow form that collects further (contact) details. Hope that makes sense.

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Short answer : YES
but webflow doesn’t natively enable you to do anything with it.

In your case why not use some JS / jQuery. Look for URL params using window location. Store those as variables, re-use in hidden inputs added with custom code to a form block ?

I happen to use this method when sending a form to a google sheet to redirect upon success with a parameter that triggers the form success on the page.

Hope that helps you figure out the option you are looking for.

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Thanks @Pepperclip, that’s very helpful. Many thanks.


Do you know if this is possible too? Passing hidden form fields in form button link

Thank you.

You should check this post : Dropdown picker as URL
It’s the same idea.