Adding to Collection did not update the live site after publishing

We added and published an item to a collection yesterday and it never showed up on the live page. It did on the Preview. I had to go to the page that was displaying the collection and make a little modification and republish that page in order to clear out whatever cache existed.

Does webflow CMS use Cloudfront? Just curious.

Hi @JimW, thanks for the report. Yes, cloudfront is used. If the issue is still happening, or happens again, I would encourage you to send us a mail to The issue could also be something to do with site hosting settings or custom domain settings.

My client is unfortunately forced to use aabaco smallbusiness’s DNS management and they only allow one A record. I know in the setup instructions, Webflow says to use 2 A records, and So in setting up, I am only using Could this be the cause?

aabacosmallbusiness is where they dumped all the yahoo users when they sold off this portion of their business, so there are likely lots of others with this issue.

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