Adding text vertically on different columns

Hi everyone,

I would like to build this into a landing page. I’m fairly new to Webflow, so is there any way you could give me some guidance on how I could do it? I was thinking about adding 3 columns, but it will look messed up on mobile versions. Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Lavinia,

Take a look at this project from the Webflow showcase. I think it’ll give you an understandable method on how you might build something like your reference image.

You’ll notice that the items on the timeline are shifted using padding. While it seems like it might make more sense to lay everything out using a Grid element, if you do it the way this project shows, you can easily adjust / remove padding on elements to add responsiveness, which in my opinion would be easier than restructuring in a Grid element for this case.

Hope this helps!

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