Adding spaces into a CMS layout

Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help…

I have a client who has designed a site, and they would like cards to flip

I have created that here

I was wondering if I could create a database to control this information, and insert a couple of “different” cards to keep the layout in line with the designs?

I’ve started to create the CMS here

Really not sure the best way to approach the problem.

Many thanks in advance


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Charlie,

Making the list CMS with the flipping cards is a no brainer, it’s not more difficult to do than to make it non-cms. So I guess you don’t need help particularly here.

Now adding a bit of chaos into your CMS list, such as you have on your first link, say the first cell is informative, the last one of a block of six too, and there’s a big panel between the first six and the following six… That’s possible but you got to “play” a bit with the system.

To begin with you can split your list into several lists. One list with filtering from item 1 to 6, then static content, then another list with bigger celles (for example) spanning fro item 7 to 9, etc, you can build multiple collections that follow one another and insert content in between.

There are other options, requiring CSS custom code, with pseudo classes and/or pseudo elements that will target one particular item and able to introduce specifity in the design.

Hay Vincent,

Thanks for the reply.

That makes sense, I was just wondering if there was some “clever” way I didn’t know about…

Thanks for the help.