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Adding Sliders in each Tab- First Image is blank when tab is activated

I have created a slide show within the pages of a group of tabs. However, upon opening each tab, the first image that should appear is blank. This may be a bug. I have noticed in playing around with the active tabs option, Webflow attempts to add another image to the slide show (maybe the blank one?). Once I click on the other images in the slide show, the first blank image reappears. See the public link . “Product Branding” is the name of the tab section. How to get the first image to load when tab is activated? I see that other have had issues with sliders in tabs, but not this specific issue.

Thanks! I’m loving all the new features Webflow is continuing to add.

Here’s the public link:

@angela Found this strange properties for one of your slider. It should be left Auto. Could be this the cause?

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Thanks for the answer, but that width is for the size of that particular image, so that it doesn’t overlap with the nav buttons. All the other tab images are auto and it still doesn’t make a difference in whether or not the image appears when the tab is selected.

@angela You right. Somehow, its default state visibility is Hidden. It could be a bug.

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Yeah, I think it’s a bug. Sliders in Tabs is a great feature. I hope they find a solution to this. How do I change my question status from “need help” to “bug?”

@angela I’ve re-created your slider for your 2nd tab and copied all images onto each slide respectively and I didn’t get blank image at first slide. It showed up. Maybe you want to give it a try.

Thanks so much, I will try this. I had tinkered around a lot with that slider, so starting fresh is a good idea. I’m going to to it now and will let you know if it works.

I recreated the slider from scratched and now it’s no longer a problem. The previous slider had a lot of customization with the arrow and nav positioning, with lots of negative margins. maybe that was causing it to not view. Thanks for your help!

@angela Glad you solved it. Btw, you have a great website there.


I think I know what is causing the problem. If I change the slide options from “slide” to “cross fade”, the first image comes up as blank when the tab is activated. I will post a “bug” notice here in the forum.