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Adding Shipping Info & Tracking Number to Orders

I’m using Integromat to automatically process my orders through Printful then mark them as fulfilled in Webflow, however, I’m running into an issue where I can’t go back in and add a tracking number or shipping info once it’s marked as fulfilled. I don’t think I’m missing anything so really just hoping this get’s seen and the functionality get’s added by Webflow to modify details after the fact.

Here is my wishlist item.

I have come across something similar to this.

My business email received the notification from Printful about the order being shipped so i knew to go look but the fulfillment email did not go to the customer until I clicked “resend order confirmation”. Until then I did not realize the order was even marked fulfilled. I thought the sending of the fulfillment email would have been automated as well.

Did you get any information about this?


No, I just ended up not fulfilling the orders via Integraomat. I just go in and do it manually after.

Interesting. Thank you.