Adding share icons to lightbox modal


I am using a lightbox to display videos. I need to add social share icons in the lightbox (modal). Is there a way I can add these?



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @neilor,

Unfortunately at this time, you will not be able to add anything to Lightbox Modal. You could use a Free 3rd party tool called AddThis for share page content.

But for a more refined answer, please add your share link.


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Thanks for letting me know Brandon.

I want people to have the option of sharing the video after watching it. I use Addthis but can’t see anyway to get this onto the actual modal.

Here’s my draft page:

On a related question, if I was to export the code and create a custom lightbox, would I be able to reimport the site back into Webflow


@neilor, to answer your second question first the answer is NO! Unfortunately once you export away from Webflow you will not be able to reimport it. Due to the nature of the layout configuration and how things are designed, the team at Webflow does not allow importing of code onto their system other than front-end JS, JQuery, and custom CSS.

As to the first question, now that I have looked at your videos, you are using YouTube, so why not just use the integrated Share button? I know it doesnt link back to your site, but if you own those YT videos you could always create a link within the description body of that video to link back to your site.

Hope that helps?

Happy Designing,

Thanks for the suggestion Brandon.

Unfortunatley this wont work for the client as they want people to access the share icons without having to click through to youtube.

Maybe something for a future release :slight_smile:


When they release the light box descriptors next then u should be able to add what u seek! ETA on this unknown!

Good luck!